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Thursday, January 12, 2012


12-1 Dave Emory "For the Record 340 -Mein Jihad: Islamofascism and Geopolitics"

Program info and downloads:

1-2 David Korten "Wall Street or the Common Good"

He is the author of "When Corporations Rule the World" and "The Great Turning." His latest book is "Agenda for a New Economy."

From Alternative Radio, 1 (800) 444-1977,

2-4 Eben Rey, "Project Next"

Robert Eisenman, Robert Eisenman is the author of ‘The New Testament Code: The Cup of the Lord, the Damascus Covenant, and the Blood of Christ’ (2006). Discussion of the Middle East Crisis in light of history. Open phone conversation. Email

4-5 Arundhati Roy "With the Maoists in India"

Recorded in New York, NY on November 09, 2011.

She's the author of many books including "The Checkbook & the Cruise Missile," "Field Notes on Democracy: Listening to Grasshoppers," and "Walking with the Comrades." From Alternative Radio, 1 (800) 444-1977,

5-5:30 The Bioneers - Revolution from the Heart of Nature

"Eco-Schools: Education for Sustainable Communities"

Program information: 1 (877) bioneer,

5:30-6 The Bioneers - Revolution from the Heart of Nature "Formless Warriors: 21st Century Wisdom from Old Growth Cultures"

Program information: 1 (877) bioneer,

OUTRO MUSIC: Judy Collins, ‘Nightingale II’ from “Whales & Nightingales” CD

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