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Friday, November 21, 2014


12-1 Alan Watts, "Images of God"  Part 2 of 4
From MEA, Box 303, Olema, CA 94950.  1 (866) 492-8446.

1-2:30 Shinzen Young, "Break Through Difficult Emotions" Part 2
From Sounds True, 1 (800) 333-9185   Shinzen's website:

2:30-3:30 Caroline Casey "Visionary Activist Show"
Caroline welcomes chronicler of lethal plastic on birds of Midway Island, Chris Jordan,
Caroline's website:

3:40-5:55 The Thom Hartmann Program Rebroadcast
Thom's Website:
For EXTREMELY Detailed listing of URL’s and references to every subject discussed, click on ‘Radio’ and ‘Sue’s Daily Stacks’ and original date of the show.

5:55-6 KPFK Community Calendar

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