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Thursday, August 8, 2019





12-1 Dave Emory, "For the Record #1076 Surveillance Valley, Part 2: Mauthausen on Our Mind"


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Dave Emory's entire life­time of work is avail­able on a flash drive. The new drive is a 32-gigabyte drive that is current as of the programs and articles posted by early 2016. Link: Dave's website:

1-1:30 Chris Hedges, "On Contact"

British government psyops with Mohamed Elmaazi

Originally heard Sundays, 12:30pm


1:30-2:30 The Ralph Nader Radio Hour

War With China, Russia, Iran?

Military expert Professor Michael Klare talks military budget, the dangers inherent in our contentious relationship with Iran, and the shift in U.S. military planning away from stateless actors to China, Russia, and Iran.

Initially heard on KPFK Mondays 2 pm

3-6 The Thom Hartmann Program

America Does Have a Mental Illness Problem...It's in the White House. How Can America Heal With Trump As Our President?

Continued from Hour 1: America's Mental Illness Problem...It's In the White House. How Do We Heal With Trump As President?

Thom Vs. former Congressman Bob Barr (R-GA, 7th) on guns, massacres & mental health...

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