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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


12-1  Jack Kornfield, “Awakening is Real: A Guide to the Deeper Dimensions of the Inner Journey”
Session 7:  ‘Living with a Mindfulness of Death’
From Sounds True, 1 (800) 333-9185,   Jack’s website:

OUTRO MUSIC; Wah! ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ from “Best of Wah!” CD

1-2:30 Sobonfu Some' "Invoking Spirit and the Power of Ritual"
For free signup for free downloads of audio and transcripts:

OUTRO MUSIC; Geoffrey Johns and the Bokongo Ensemble,  “Bokongo” CD

INTRO MUSIC; Nawang Khechog, ‘Universal Love’ from “Universal Love” CD

2:30-4 Cynthia Kneen, "Discovering Elegance in Everyday Life Workshop"  
From Shambhala Mountain Center   1 (888) 788-7221,   Cynthia’s website; 

4-6 The Thom Hartmann Program
Kevin Kamps, Bdyond Nuclear  on Fukushima … is the china Syndrome happening?
Victoria Jones, Talk Radio News Service 
All program info:  

OUTRO MUSIC; Judy Collins, ‘Nightingale II’ from “Whales & Nightingales” CD,