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Friday, February 22, 2013


Fund Drive

12-2 Alan Watts, "The World As Organic Process"  Part 2 (conclusion)

MUSIC ILLUSTRATION: Bach, “Brandenburg Concerto #5”  Tafelmusik CD

2-3 Shinzen Young “Tantric Sex”
From Vipassana Support International, 1 (866) 666-0874.   (for local classes click on 'other programs).

MUSIC OUTRO: Gilbert & Sullivan, ‘Rapture Rapture’ from ‘The Yeoman of the Guard’ D’Oyly Carte Opera Co.

3-5 Dr. Nita Vallens and George Quant
Quantum Meditation

5-6 Caroline Casey, "Visionary Activist Show"
Return of John Roulac, GMOS and the literal and cultural antidotes. 
From KPFA.  All info: 1 (888) 741-gods, 

That's all folks!


Thursday, February 21, 2013


12-2 Dave Emory "For the Record #652a  - Palin by Comparison” Part 1
Program info and downloads:

2-3 Eben Rey, "Project Next"
Guest Edwin Spina, “Mystic Warrior” 
Examining the formative future.  Email Eben:<>

3-3:30 The Bioneers - Revolution from the Heart of Nature 'Restoring Life's Fabric: The Biological Bottom Up'
With David Suzuki.
Program information: 1 (877) bioneer

3:30-4    Arjun Makhijani "From Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima" Part 2
This is the first larger scale radio distribution of this talk and listeners are invited to post comments on Makhijani's Blog on the web site at <>
Arjun Makhijani spoke on August 4, 2012 at the Nuke Free Now Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Thanks to KEXP, Seattle, program host Mike McCormick for giving me the audio for this program.

4:00-6 The Thom Hartmann Show
Thom Hartmann and  Senator Bernie Sanders 'Brunch with Bernie,' selected 'raves,' interviews, panels,  and important news of the past week from  "The Thom Hartmann Show," "The Big Picture," and "Conversations with Great Minds."  All info:<>

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Gary Null program info: 1 (646) 926-5422   Gary is on live Mon-Fri9am Pacific time on the Progressive Radio Network -     Gary's archives are free to all at   (The Gary Null shows are now under "G" and the "Progressive Commentary Shows are under "P" and Talkback Shows under "T.")   L.A. Health Support Group info:  Ron  (714) 757-8437 or<<>>   Listen to Gary on the phone at (619) 550-0869.   Luanne Pennesi, (631)<>

12-1 Gary Null Program  01-21-13
Health Updates: purple carrots; carob leaves fight super bugs; genetically engineered cereals,  aspartame & diet soda; grape seed extract vs colorectal cancer.
Commentaries: "The Lies of Democracy and the Language of Deceit" [Colin<>].  Canadian tar sands & XL pipeline- another environmental disaster looming.  JFK on secrecy.  A History of Muckraking.

Gary Null Program  01-22-13
Health Updates: Chinese herb kills cancer cells; benefits of pineapple, pineapple core; least vaccinated infants 2-24 mo. have fewest health problems; new Farm Bill- HR5973, especially section 733, grants biotech companies free reign with no judicial oversight; 54 of 86 approved GE plants contain dangerous, poisonous genes- & go unnoticed in safety tests; heat brings early blooms- early blooms may cause stunted growth, less fruit this season; the Mississippi River may soon become unnavigable; Hepatitis vaccine leads to immune disorders; Vermont- worst whooping cough outbreak in history- 90% of children infected were vaccinated.  Jon Rappoport: Some of the early history behind the birth of the HIV virus.<<>>  Commentary by Cornel West on MLK vs. Obama.

Gary Null Program     02-23-13
Health Updates: good health habits start early (in the morning!); hospitalization & deaths from energy drinks; African sorghum- anti-inflammatory, immune builder; anti-aging benefits of resveratrol, carnosine; perfectionism & eating disorders; ADHD diagnosis; doctors seek alternate therapies for self but deny to patients.  Commentaries: "Earth Is Not A Global Village: Start Living More Locally Before It's Too Late" [16Jan13<>].  "Growth is the Enemy of Humankind" [Dave<>].  Prof. Peter Kuznick is a professor of history & co-author with academy award winning film director Oliver Stone of the New York Times bestseller "The Untold History of the United States"

Gary Null Program  02-24-13
Health Updates: a can of soda a day may increase cancer risk 40%; lycopene reduces risk of heart disease; loneliness linked to immune dysfunction; for seniors- nutrients that build muscle; super fruit- Camu Camu.  News maker guest Jennifer Stahl discusses the dangers of Smart Meters; she was arrested for refusing to have her electric meter exchanged for a smart meter. Jerry Mander,  "The Capitalism Papers: Fatal Flaws of an Obsolete System". Discussing capitalism's fatal flaws- is it capable of being reformed?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


12-1:30 Lynne McTaggart, "Living the Field: Tapping Into the Secret Force of the Universe"
Session 3 of 6: 'Earth Energies and Human Perception'
From Sounds True, 1 (800) 333-9185

OUTRO MUSIC; Wah! ‘Heart Sutra’ from “Best of Wah!” CD

INTRO MUSIC: Primeaux and Mike, ‘Awakening’ from “Sacred Path” CD

1:30-2:30 Joseph Marshall III, "The Lakota Way of Strength and Courage"
Chapter 4: Strength
From Sounds True, 1 (800) 333-9185

OUTRO MUSIC; Primeaux and Mike ‘Offering’ from “Sacred Path” CD

2:30-3 X Minus One “C-Chute” by Isaac Asimov.
Old radio originally broadcast February 8, 1956.

3-3:30  David Whyte "Clear Mind, Wild Heart: Finding Courage and Clarity  Through Poetry"
Part 1 of 6: 'Our Home is So Close to Us'
From Sounds True, 1 (800 333-9185

INTRO MUSIC: Nawang Khechog, ‘Universal Love’ from “Universal Love” CD

4:30-6 Pema Chodron, "Getting Unstuck" Breaking Your Habitual Patterns and Encountering Naked Reality"
Session 1 of 6: 'Learning to Stay'
Session 2 of 6: 'The Habit of Distraction'
From Sounds True, 1 (800) 333-9185
Pema's websites:

OUTRO MUSIC: Judy Collins, ‘Nightingale II’ from “Whales & Nightingales” CD,