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Friday, April 29, 2016



Friday, April 29, 2016

3-4 Alan Watts “Self and Other” Part 3 of 4

All info:

4-5 Caroline Casey, "Visionary Activist Show:"

Caroline welcomes ancestral Terence McKenna, whose messages are all hopping up and down for us now… and also the living Dr. Rick Strassman, author of “DMT The Spirit Molecule, From KPFA. Caroline's Website:

5 - 5:55 The Thom Hartmann Program

The history of Trump's 'America First' rhetoric
- Lamar Waldron, The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination.

Article: "Trump's New Slogan Has Old Baggage From Nazi Era" by Eli Lake.

Article: "The United States declares war on Japan", December 8 1941.

Article: "World War II" by Wikipedia.

Article: "Nye Committee" by Wikipedia.

Article: "Report of the Special Committee on Investigation of the Munitions Industry (The Nye Report), U.S. Congress, Senate, 74th Congress, 2nd sess., February 24, 1936, pp. 3-13.".

Article: "America First Committee" by Wikipedia.

Article: "Charles Lindbergh" by Wikipedia.

Speech: "Des Moines Speech" by Charles Lindbergh, September 11, 1941.

Book: Watergate: The Hidden History: Nixon, The Mafia, and The CIA by Lamar Waldron.

Book: "Ultimate Sacrifice" by Lamar Waldron with Thom Hartmann.

Book: "Legacy of Secrecy" by Lamar Waldron with Thom Hartmann.

Article: "1973 | Meet Donald Trump" by David W. Dunlap.

Article: "Donald Trump presidential campaign key staff and advisors, 2016" by BallotPedia.

Article: "Surprise! Donald Trump's Father Was Probably in the Ku Klux Klan" by Kali Holloway.

Article: "Smedley Butler" by Wikipedia.

Article: "Business Plot" by Wikipedia.

“The Big Picture” Video:

Need to Know: How Mega Mergers Make Corporations Too Big To Fail
- Richard Eskow, Bernie Sanders Campaign/The Zero Hour

Screwed: GOP...Now Protecting Union Busters?
- Sam Sacks, The District Sentinel

PLUS, What Millennials Need to Know About Social Security
- Jasmine Jefferson, Social Security Works

Conversations with Great Minds:
- Ralph Nader, Breaking Through Power/Unsafe At Any Speed

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Thursday, April 28, 2016



Thursday, April 28, 2016

3-4 Dave Emory, "For the Record #886 - FTR #886 What the Hell Does Dave Emory Mean by “The Earth Island Boogie?,” Part 3: Geopolitical Quicksand

Detailed, annotated written description for this program available at:

Dave's website:

ALSO: Pterrafractyl and other expert listeners are making a huge contribution, updating the website with information on many subjects that Dave doesn't have time to cover in the programs. Comments Line: comments that come in -- are a major and continuously updated source of information. Only a tiny fraction of this will ever make it into the program--it is simply too voluminous.

4-5 Noam Chomsky – “Toward a Better Society”

From Alternative Radio, 1 (800) 444-1977,

5--5:55 The Thom Hartmann Program

How Do We Transform America?

Article: "Primary results: track votes in Maryland, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Rhode Island".

Article: "Bernie: Create a Tea Party of the Left Within the Democratic Party Now" by Rabbi Michael Lerner.

Article: "Tammany Hall".

Article: "United States presidential primary" by Wikipedia.

Why Bernie should - and WILL - fight on!
- Former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich, Goldman School of Public Policy-U.C. Berkeley

Article: "Here's what I say to all those who are telling me Bernie should leave the race..." by Robert Reich.

Thom's Geeky Science stack - plus your calls on the topics of the day!

Book: The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time by Arianna Huffington.

Article: "This Is Your Brain on Nature" by Florence Williams, photographs by Lucas Foglia.

Article: "Why Silence Is So Good For Your Brain" by Carolyn Gregoire.

Article: "Mindfulness for mental wellbeing" by NHS.

From “The Big Picture” --


Best of the Rest: What Can the GOP Learn From Britain's Tories?
- Steve Hilton, Former Senior Adviser & Director of Strategy to British Prime Minister David Cameron/MORE HUMAN: Designing A World Where People Come First

PLUS, The Chernobyl Disaster...30 years later....
- Alexey Yaroshevsky, RT America

Daily Take: Bernie's R.I. Win is a ReBirth for the Democratic Party

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016



Wednesday, April 27, 2016

3:00-3:15 Vaccine Update

From “The Wright Stuff” by Bob Wright. – ‘Both Obama and Bush Killed Proposals to Improve Vaccine Safety” Posted at Vaccine Impact News:

3:15-4:15 Caroline Myss, “The Anatomy of Your Health: Essential Insights on the Hidden Causes of Illness and Healing”

Session 6 (concluding): “Keeping Your Immune System Healthy and Your Soul Strong’

From Sounds True, 1 (800) 333-9185, Myss’ website:

SEGUE MUSIC: Judy Collins & Michael McDonald, ‘Miracle River’ from “Strangers Again” CD

4:15-5:55 The Thom Hartmann Program

BUSTED! Congressional Payday Pals Exposed
- Karl Frisch, Allied Progress

Article: "Who Will Allied Progress Expose Next In Payday Reform Fight?".

Article: "DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz Is Taking A Ton Of Heat For Helping Payday Lenders" by Zach Carter.

Twitter: "#DebtTrapDebbie".

Article: "Which Predatory Payday Pal In Congress Should Be Exposed Next?" by Allied Progress.

Article: "Bernie Sanders makes the case for banking at post offices" by Steve Benen.

Case: "Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission" (2010).

Article: "Carlos Slim becomes top New York Times shareholder" by Kshitiz Goliya.

Article: "Exit polls: Half of Clinton's supporters won't back Obama" by Alexander Mooney, May 6th, 2008.

Article: "Jane Sanders: Bernie will provide tax returns when Clinton releases transcripts" by Brianna Gurciullo.

Site: Tim Canova For Congress (FL-23).

Talk Media News Segment:
- Ellen Ratner, Bureau Chief

Article: "US to send 250 more troops to Syria for ISIS war" by TMN.

Article: "Poll: Trump hits 50% nationally for first time" by Justin Duckham.

Article: "Flailing Cruz-Kasich alliance puzzles Indiana politicos" by TMN.

Article: "Clean water crisis threatens US" by Sarah Ferris and Peter Sullivan.

Article: "Chernobyl disaster: Ukraine marks 30th anniversary" by BBC.

Site: "Goats for the old Goat".

Site: Governor Free Don Siegelman

Article: "Quick Morning News - Cruz-Kasich: Broken bromance? / Sanders campaign: To convention! / NC bathroom law: 50+ arrests - April 26, 2016" by Victoria Jones.

Article: "Quick Morning News - Stop trump! Cruz & Kasich team up / US: Cyberweapons v ISIS / Marijuana link: Ohio slayings of 8 - April 25, 2016" by Victoria Jones.

Thom's Best of the Rest of the News - GOP members of Congress stopping funding to help the children of Flint...

Article: "Get In Line, SCOTUS. This Court Has Been Waiting 2,296 Days For A Judge" by Jennifer Bendery.

Article: "47 Despicable Senate Republicans Vote To Deny Aid To Flint's Lead Poisoned Children" by Jason Easley.

Book: Buyer's Remorse: How Obama Let Progressives Down by Bill Press.

Site: Election Protection.

Site: Bernie 2016

Site: Hillary for America.

Article: "Bernie Sanders said poor people don't vote" by Linda Qiu.

Video: The Gospel By Jefferson, Tolstoy & Dickens...Wow!.

Site: The Gospel According to Thomas Jefferson, Charles Dickens & Count Leo Tolstoy: Discord.

Book: "The Jefferson Bible" by Thomas Jefferson.

Book: The Life of Our Lord: Written for His Children During the Years 1846 to 1849 by Charles Dickens.

Book: The Gospel in Brief by Leo Tolstoy.

Conversations with Great Minds:
- Seymour Hersh, The Killing of Osama bin Laden

Thom's Website:

OUTRO MUSIC: Judy Collins, ‘Nightingale II’ from “Whales & Nightingales” CD

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

3-4:30 Robert Thurman, “The Jewel Tree of Tibet: The Enlightenment Engine of Tibetan Buddhism”
Session 6 (concluding) From Sounds True, 1 (800) 333-9185http://www.soundstrue.comThurman’s website:

OUTRO MUSIC: Wah! ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ from “The Best of Wah!” CD 

4:30-5:55 The Thom Hartmann Program

Are Conservatives Causing More Americans to Commit Suicide?
Article: "U.S. Suicide Rate Surges to a 30-Year High" by Sabrina Tavernise.
Article: "More suicides under Conservative rule", 18 September, 2002.
Article: "Major Study: Suicide Rates in the U.S. Are Soaring" by Marlena Fitzpatrick GarcĂ­a.

Is the Health Insurance Industry Too Big To Fail?
Robert KraigCitizen Action Wisconsin  
Description: Description: Twitter  Description: Description: Twitter
Article: "Campaign Radio-Active" by Citizen Action Wisconsin.
Article: "I.E. America Radio Network" by Wikipedia.

What Happens If Trump Becomes a Democrat Again?
Scottie Nell HughesUSA Radio Network/ROAR: The New Conservative Woman Speaks Out  
Description: Description: Twitter
Article: "Hyde Amendment" by Wikipedia.

Description: Description: The Big Picture (small)
Tonight on The Big Picture on RT TV at 7pm and 10pm... Are the Health Insurance Companies Now Too Big To Fail? (check your local listings for stations or stream at RT or Free Speech TV, and catch past shows on Youtube)

Description: Description: Green World RisingBe sure to check out our newest video: RESTORATION - narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio & Thom Hartmann, directed by Leila Conners / Visit to check out all the videos: CARBONLAST HOURS & GREEN WORLD RISINGnarrated by Leonardo DiCaprio & Thom Hartmann, directed by Leila Conners

Big Picture Progressive Roundtable:
Alex LawsonSocial Security Works  
Description: Description: Twitter  Description: Description: Twitter
Joe MadisonThe Joe Madison Show/SiriusXM
 Urban View
 Description: Description: Twitter

Plus Special Panel Guest: Are the Health Insurance Companies Now Too Big To Fail?
Wendell PotterNation on the Take: How Big Money Corrupts Our Democracy and What We Can Do About It
Description: Description: Twitter

Best of the Rest: Plunging Support for TPP & TTIP in US & Europe
Curtis Jobs Alliance  
Description: Description: Twitter  Description: Description: Twitter

Daily Take: Is Reaganomics Literally Driving Americans to Suicide?

 Thom's Website:

OUTRO MUSIC: Judy Collins, ‘Nightingale II’ from “Whales & Nightingales” CD 

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