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Friday, May 1, 2020




12-1 Alan Watts, "The Power of Space" #2 of 4

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1-2 Caroline Casey, "Visionary Activist Show:"

Caroline hosts Karyn Sanders, host of KPFA’s ‘Herbal Highway,’ that we may diagnose “The Planet of the Humans” movie (FREE ON YOUTUBE), and the reaction to it….”Only those serving an apprenticeship to Nature can be trusted with technology.” (Sir Herbert Read)

Karyn Sanders –

''Planet of the Humans'' documentary: (FREE)

Caroline’s Website:

From KPFA. Caroline's Website:

2-3:30 Arundhati Roy, "The Pandemic is a Portal"

(Streamed live on April 23, 2020)

An online teach-in with Arundhati Roy. Haymarket Books is an independent, radical, non-profit publisher.

Pre-order Arundhati Roy's forthcoming Azadi here:

In her latest essay, “The Pandemic Is a Portal” — from her forthcoming Haymarket Books publication ‘Azadi: Freedom. Fascism. Fiction.‘ — Arundhati Roy writes: What is this thing that has happened to us? It’s a virus, yes. In and of itself it holds no moral brief. But it is definitely more than a virus.

Arundhati Roy studied architecture in New Delhi, where she now lives. She is the author of the novels ‘The God of Small Things,’ for which she received the 1997 Booker Prize, and ‘The Ministry of Utmost Happiness.’ A collection of her essays from the past twenty years, ‘My Seditious Heart,’ was recently published by Haymarket Books. Her next book from Haymarket books, ‘Azadi: Freedom. Fascism. Fiction.’ will be published September 1.

Imani Perry is the Hughes-Rogers Professor of African American Studies at Princeton University, where she also teaches in the Programs in Law and Public Affairs, and in Gender and Sexuality Studies. She is the author of several books, including ‘Looking for Lorraine: The Radiant and Radical Life of Lorraine Hansberry’ and ‘Breathe: A Letter to My Sons.’


3:40-5:55 The Thom Hartmann Program

How Trump Wasted the Best Tool He Had to Fight the Coronavirus Pandemic - Richard Clarke, former Pres. Bill Clinton's Chief Counter Terrorism Advisor to the National Security Council / PLUS, Will Trump Get Away With Killing More Americans Than Have Died In All Our Wars Since the End of WWII?

Why is the Dow Going Up As We Are Plunging Into A Great Depression...? Professor Richard Wolff, Democracy At Work/Understanding Socialism

Flooding Will Affect Double the Number of People Worldwide by 2030 - Dr. Jay Famiglietti, Global Institute for Water Security-University of Saskatchewan

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12-2 Dave Emory, 'For the Record #1111 and FTR #1112 Update on the Alleged “Suicide” of Iris Chang and the Destabilization of China and “BioWarfare-Psy-Op” Against China?'

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Spitfire List | Disturbing Article about DARPA and Bat-Borne Coronaviruses:

You can subscribe to the comments made on programs and posts-an excellent source of information in, and of, itself --

Dave Emory's entire life­time of work is available on a flash drive. The new drive is a 32-gigabyte drive that is current as of the programs and articles posted by early 2016. Link:

Dave's website:

2-2:30 Chris Hedges, "On Contact"

The Next Republic by D D Guttenplan , editor, The Nation.

Originally heard on KPFK Sundays, 12:30pm


2:30-3:30 The Ralph Nader Radio Hour

On the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day, Ralph welcomes environmental historian, Adam Rome, author of “The Genius of Earth Day: How a 1970 Teach-In Unexpectedly Made the First Green Generation.” And the Green Cowboy, S. David Freeman returns to talk about the state of the environment today. Plus, we debut a special song in honor of Earth Day.

Initially heard on KPFK Sunday's at noon.

All info and free downloads

3:40-5:55 The Thom Hartmann Program

Middays w/Mark - Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District) Talks Issues of the Day w/Thom and Takes Your Calls For the Hour..

The GOP Fat Cat Billionaire War on Workers Steps Up... / PLUS, Trump Uses the Defense Production Act to Force Meat Plants to Stay Open But Wouldn't Use It to Keep Americans & Medical Workers Safe...Really!!

How To "Resist From Home!" Ezra Levin, Indivisible / PLUS, Thom Takes Your Calls...

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020




12-12:30 David Quammen: ‘Shaking the Viral Tree’

An Interview by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

In his 2012 book Spillover, ‘Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic’

the science writer David Quammen predicted another Corona Virus outbreak.

Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee is a filmmaker, musician and executive editor of Emergence Magazine. David Quammen is an award winning science writer, explorer and author of four books of fiction and eight of non-fiction, including ‘Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic;’ and ‘The Tangled Tree: A Radical New History of Life.’

From TUC Radio,


Listening to Gary’s Show on the Phone:

To listen to program from the archives anytime, 24/7: 701-719-9976

To listen live, Mon-Fri 9am Pacific Time and Tues 4-5pm Pacific: 774-337-6068


Call in: (862) 800-6805

Luanne Pennesi: (903) 881-7008

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"5G - The End of All Things" (15min)

12:30-1:30 The Gary Null Show – PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION: The case against our federal health agencies and its handling of COVID19 pandemic – 04.24.20

Kent Heckenlively is an attorney with a jurist doctoral degree, a science teacher and a founding contributing editor of Age of Autism, Kent is the co-author with Dr. Judy Mikovits of the recent book “Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science” — Earlier Kent authored “Inoculated: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism,”

Dr. Judy Mikovits has been research scientists for almost four decades specializing in immunology and virology, drug development and epigenetics. Her dedication saw her rise to become the director of the National Cancer Institute’s laboratory for Antiviral Drug Mechanisms. Later she went into private industry to direct the cancer biology program at EpiGenX Pharmaceuticals in California. She holds a BA from the University of Virginia and received her doctorate in biochemistry and molecular biology from George Washington University. Judy’s and Kent’s website is

For Download go to:

1:30-2:30 The Gary Null Show – The Empty Celebration of Earth Day – 04.22.20

Gary Null Ph.D


2:30-3:30 The Gary Null Show – 04.21.20

Why lockdowns are the wrong policy – Swedish expert Prof. Johan Giesecke


3:40-5:55 The Thom Hartmann Program

Survival Strategies You Need to Know for Sheltering in Place / PLUS, Trump & Senate Republicans Have Blood on Their Hands...Will Americans Hold Them Accountable?

What's the State of Vote By Mail? Sylvia Albert, Common Cause / PLUS, Trump and the GOP Are Stealing Your Wages and Giving Them to the Wealthy...WTF?!

Why is FEMA Stealing Masks From the Veteran's Administration?

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020




12-2 Danny Sheehan - CURRENT EVENTS APRIL 2020

Danny talks with Buzz about what's going on today!!

Daniel Sheehan is a Harvard College, Harvard Law School and Harvard Divinity School–trained Constitutional Litigation and Appellate Attorney. For close to five decades, Danny’s work as a Federal Civil Rights Attorney, Author, Public Speaker and College and Law School Professor has helped expose the structural sources of injustice in our country and around the world.

Lakota People’s Law Project, visit

Danny's Websites:

2-3:30 Cynthia Kneen, "Shambhala Warrior Training" Parts 9 and 10 of 12

'How to Manifest Courage, Authenticity & Gentleness in Every Situation of Your Life'

From Sounds True, 1 (800) 333-9185,

3:40- 5:55 The Thom Hartmann Program

How Badly Has Citizen's United Screwed America and How Many Citizens Will Die Because of It? / PLUS, Do You Think Trump Has a Chance to Win in November??

Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA, 17th District) Talks Issues of the Day with Thom and Takes YOUR Calls For the Hour...

How Oregon's Vote By Mail Could Be a Model For the National Effort - Jefferson Smith, former OR State legislator & host/co-owner-XRAY FM Progressive Radio, Portland, OR / PLUS, Thom Takes YOUR Calls...

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