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Friday, August 23, 2013


12-2 Alan Watts Pitch & Play


2-3 Nita Vallens & Christine Blosdale Pitch & Play   “The Neuropsychology of Healthy Relationships”


3-4  Caroline Casey, ‘Visionary Activist Show’

Guest Lance Canales, that we may Heal the World by Honoring the Dead, memorial for the 28 Mexican citizens who died in a plane crash on January 28, 1948, in Coalinga California, and were anonymous - until now.,0,2642231.htmlstory

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4-5  Thom Hartmann Program

“Brunch with Bernie”   Senator Bernie Sanders 

Mike Papantonio 

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5-6 Nita Vallens and Christine Blosdale pitch and play “The Neuropsychology of Healthy Relationships” Part 2