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Friday, June 2, 2017



Thursday Night, June 1


1-2 Alan Watts, “Worldly Religions” Part 1 of 4

All info:

2:30-3:30 Jack Gariss, "Bio-Meditation"

'Creativity' Part 5 of 7. Originally broadcast on KPFK in 1977.

3:30-4:30 Caroline Casey with fellow astrologer Daniel Giamario,

Caroline’s website:

4:30-6 The Thom Hartmann Program

Shareholders FORCE ExxonMobil to Come Clean on Cost of Climate Change
- Cassady Craighill, Greenpeace

Tweet: "I will be announcing my decision on the Paris Accord over the next few days. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!" by Donald J. Trump.

Article: "Shareholders force ExxonMobil to come clean on cost of climate change" by Dominic Rushe.

Article: "Exxon knew of climate change in 1981, e-mail says - but it funded deniers for 27 more years " by Tim Macfarlan.

Article: "Exxon Dealt a Blow as Texas Judge Sends Climate Suit to N.Y." by Erik Larson.

Tweet: "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive." by Donald Trump.

Article: "With Billboards and an Airship, Greenpeace Highlights Exxon's Greed, Climate Denial Ahead of AGM" by Cassady Craighill.

Article: "Trump is reportedly withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement" by Natasha Geiling.

Article: "How Bannon and Pruitt boxed in Trump on climate pact" by Andrew Restuccia and Josh Dawsey.

Site: Thom Hartman Patreon Page.

Site: Patreon: The District Sentinel.

Article: "Hillary Clinton: 'I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that's not why I lost'" by Anita Balakrishnan.

MN Governor's Epic Battle With GOP Legislature
- House Minority Leader Rep. Melissa Hortman (DFL-District 36B)

Article: "Dayton signs 10 budget bills and tax cuts, but defunds Legislature" by J. Patrick Coolican.

Talk Media News Segment:
- Victoria Jones

Article: "Trump says U.S. will withdraw from Paris climate accord" by Valerie Volcovici and Jeff Mason.

Article: "Trump, EPA chief meet ahead of decision on climate change" by AP.

Article: "Comey

to testify before Senate Intel Committee next Thursday

" by Justin Duckham.

Article: "Comey's Memos Were a Product of a Culture of Note-Keeping" by Rebecca R. Ruiz.

Article: "House Intelligence Committee issues 7 subpoenas in Russia probe" by Bryan Renbaum.

Article: "Trump delays promised move of US embassy to Jerusalem, but says it will happen" by Loree Lewis.

Video: King Abdullah II 's remarks during 2017 National Prayer Breakfast in Washington.

Site: "Goats for the old Goat".

Book: Loving What You Do: The Elements of a Great Working Life by Ellen Ratner.

New Report Confirms Trump Admin Disastrous for Women
- Page Gardner, Voter Participation Center

Article: "Unmarried Women in America, 2017" by Voter Participation Data Center.

Article: "Trump Rule Could Deny Birth Control Coverage to Hundreds of Thousands of Women" by Robert Pear.

Article: "The Women's March heralds a renaissance of resistance" by Eve Ensler.

The Big Picture: Is Conservative Media to Blame for the Latest Wave of Hate?

Big Picture Interview: Trump Says Drop dead To Planet
- Mike Papantonio, America's Lawyer (RT America)/Ring of Fire Radio/Law and Disorder

Big Picture Panel: What's A Covfefe?
- Isaiah Poole, People's Action/Campaign for America's Future

- Phillip Stuckey, The Daily Caller News Foundation

Big Picture Fact: Do All Critters (Even Bees?) Have a Conscience?

Big Picture Video:

Thom's Website:

Thursday, June 1, 2017



Tuesday Night 5/30/17

12-12:30 Vaccine Update: “Boston Herald Calls for Violence Against Vaccine Safety”

12:30-1:30 What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Cancer"

A classic film shown yearly at the Cancer Control Society Convention. Narrated by Eddie Albert.

DVD's available from Malibu Video , email Phone: (818) 880-4599

Cancer Control Society: 2043 N. Berendo

Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 663-7801

1:30 – 4:30 The Thom Hartmann Program

Quote: "If by a 'Liberal' they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people-their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights and their civil liberties-someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a "Liberal", then I'm proud to say I'm a 'Liberal.'" -- John F. Kennedy.

Three Stabbed in Portland: Has Trump Normalized Right Wing Hate & Vigiliantism?

Article: "Two Killed in Portland While Trying to Stop Anti-Muslim Rant, Police Say" by Matthew Haag and Jacey Fortin.

Article: "Dylann


" by Wikipedia.

Article: "Gov. Kay Ivey signs bill protecting Confederate monuments" (Alabama) by Mike Cason.

Article: "New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu's Speech on Terrorist, Genocidal Confederate Symbolism Is One for the History Books" by Kirsten West Savali.

Article: "Man in Florida Told the Police He Killed Neo-Nazi Roommates for Disrespecting His Muslim Faith" by Jonah Engel Bromwich.

Article: "Pathway to extremism: what neo-Nazis and jihadis have in common" by Lois Beckett and Jason Burke.

What is the Christian version of Isis?

Article: "White supremacist asks Muslim lawyer why there is no 'Christian ISIS,' gets schooled." by Orli Matlow.

Article: "Portland GOP head threatens to hire armed right-wing militia members as security force to protect Republicans" by Tom Boggioni.

Article: "Hearing Set for Class Action Lawsuit Against DNC" by Michael Sainato.

Article: "Wasserman Schultz Threatened Police Chief For Gathering Evidence On Her IT Staffer's Alleged Crimes [VIDEO]" by Luke Rosiak.

Article: "Vince Foster" by Wikipedia.

How BernieCrats Are Winning In Red States

Article: "Berniecrats Are Winning in Trump Country: Why Populism Is the Pragmatic Way Forward for Democrats" by Conor Lynch.

Article: "Jared Kushner 'discussed back channel for talking to Russia about Syria'" by Nick Allen.

Article: "Portland knife attack: tension high as 'free speech rally' set for weekend" by ason Wilson.

Speech: "Cross of Gold" - William Jennings Bryan, July 8, 1896.

Article: "Route to Air Travel Discomfort Starts on Wall Street" by Nelson D. Schwartz.

Article: "Texas Lawmaker Threatens to Shoot Colleague After Reporting Protesters to ICE" by Matthew Haag.

Video: "Ronald Reagan States' Rights Speech in Philadelphia, MS", August 3, 1980.

Article: "Mississippi civil rights workers' murders" by Wikipedia.

Article: "Donald Trump, Jr. makes curious campaign detour" by Rachel Maddow.

Article: "Mike Dubke, White House communications director, quits" by BBC.

Article: "Flags of the Confederate States of America" by Wikipedia.

Could the GOP steal the Georgia Run-off Election... BEFORE It Happens??
- Greg Palast, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Article: "Handel's handlers manhandle reporter to duck questions of her blocking Black voters" by Greg Palast.

Article: "The GOP's Stealth War Against Voters" (Interstate Crosscheck) by Greg Palast, August 24, 2016.

Article: "Republican candidate charged with assault after 'body-slamming' Guardian reporter" by Julia Carrie Wong and Sam Levin.

Article: "Jon Ossoff, a Democrat, Narrowly Misses Outright Win in Georgia House Race" by Jonathan Martin and Richard Fausset.

Article: "Mammon" by Wikipedia.

Article: "Panic of 1857" by Wikipedia.

Article: "Crisis of 1772" by Wikipedia.

Law: "Tea Act", 1773 (GB).

Excerpt: "Boston Tea Party, a chapter from the book Unequal Protection by Thom Hartmann" by Thom Hartmann.

Article: "Declaration of Independence".

Article: "Brian Kemp" (Georgia Secretary of State) by Wikipedia.

Article: "Air rage: why does flying make us so angry? Science says it's about class" by Maia Szalavitz.

Article: "The Whitehall Study" by Erin Wigger.

Speech: "Accepting the NY Liberal Party Nomination, 1960" by John F Kennedy, September 14, 1960 "I'm proud to say I'm a 'Liberal'".

Article: "Study of Disputed Florida Ballots Finds Justices Did Not Cast the Deciding Vote" by Ford Fessenden and John M. Broder, November 12, 2001.

Case: "Bush v. Gore", 2000. "The individual citizen has no federal constitutional right to vote for electors for the President of the United States"

Article: "Homeland Security secretary defends Jared Kushner, blasts Manchester intelligence leaks" by Laura King.

TV: "Global Public Square" by Fareed Zakaria.

Talk Media News Segment:
- Patrick Gavin

Tweet: "The U.S. Senate should switch to 51 votes, immediately, and get Healthcare and TAX CUTS approved, fast and easy. Dems would do it, no doubt!" by Donald J. Trump.

Article: "Trump Budget Based on $2 Trillion Math Error" by Jonathan Chait.

Article: "Dynamic scoring" by Wikipedia.

Article: "Laffer Curve".

Article: "Why Trump just killed a rule restricting coal companies from dumping waste in streams" by Brad Plumer.

Article: "Pence to make campaign push amid GOP concerns over Trump" by Alex Isenstadt.

Article: "TRump's communications director leaving, staff shake-up anticipated" by TMN.

Site: "Goats for the old Goat".

Book: Loving What You Do: The Elements of a Great Working Life by Ellen Ratner.

JFK's 100th birthday...
- Lamar Waldron, The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination

Book: "Ultimate Sacrifice" by Lamar Waldron with Thom Hartmann

Book: "Legacy of Secrecy" by Lamar Waldron with Thom Hartmann

Book: The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination by Lamar Waldron.

Book: Watergate: The Hidden History: Nixon, The Mafia, and The CIA by Lamar Waldron.

Site: "JFK 100 Centennial Celebration".

Article: "Trump Fires Comey, Putting the Country 'On the Verge of a Constitutional Crisis'" by John Nichols.

Site: Russ Baker.

Article: "Warren Commission Hearings and Exhibits".

Article: "Jack Ruby" by Wikipedia.

Article: "Lee Harvey Oswald" by Wikipedia.

Videos: "JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald" by History.

Article: "Cuban missile crisis" by Wikipedia.

Article: "Bay of Pigs Invasion" by Wikipedia.

Article: "Juan Almeida Bosque" by Wikipedia.

Movie: "Nixon".

Article: "Bernard Barker" by Wikipedia.

Site: The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination.

Article: "'This Is a Thunderbolt of Resistance'" by John Nichols.

Article: "Aerospace Executive 'Absolutely Convinced' There Are Aliens On Earth" by Lee Speigel.

Article: "15th Amendment" (right to vote), February 3, 1870

Article: "19th Amendment "The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex."

Article: "24th Amendment" (voting, poll tax)

Article: "26th Amendment". Vote for 18 year olds

Article: "Supreme Court strikes down N.C. district maps, calling it 'racial gerrymandering'" by TMN.

The Big Picture: Time to treat Confederate Symbols like Nazi Symbols?

Big Picture Interview: Richard Wolff On The New Socialism
- Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Capitalism's Crisis Deepens Essays on the Global Economic Meltdown/Democracy At Work

Big Picture Panel: Is Trump Normalizing Hate?
- Alex Lawson, Social Security Works/We Act Radio

- Charles Sauer, The Market Institute

Big Picture Fact: The Nuclear Disaster Waiting...

Big Picture Video:

Thom Hartmann’s Website:

4:30-6 Fund Drive Programming

Elizabeth Warren & Bernie Sanders DVDs