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Friday, November 20, 2015



Friday, November 20, 2015

12-1 Alan Watts "The Future of Communication" Part 2 of 4

From MEA, Box 303, Olema, CA 94950. 1 (866) 492-8446.

MUSIC OUTRO: Martyn Green, ‘I’ve Jibe and Joke’ from Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Yeomen of the Guard” D’Oyly Carte Opera CD

1-2 Shinzen Young “Devastation and Freedom”

From Vipassana Support International, 1 (866) 666-0874,

2:30-3:30 Caroline Casey, "Visionary Activist Show:"

Guest Penny Livingston-Stark, permaculture for regenerating the land

From KPFA. Caroline's Website:

MUSIC SEGUE: Traffic, ‘Holy Ground’ from “Far From Home” CD

3:30 - 5:55 The Thom Hartmann Program

3:30-4:30 JFK Program from “The Big Picture” Lamar Waldron, author of “The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination.” –

Video from RT -

4:30-5:55 Bernie Sanders Speech on Democratic Socialism at Georgetown University. On youtube:

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Thursday, November 19, 2015



Thursday, November 19, 2015

12:00 LSB Meeting Video attacks Roy, Sonali, Ian Masters, and KPFK:

12-1 Dave Emory, "For the Record #862 – 9/11, The Muslim Brotherhood, and the Earth Island Boogie” Part 1

Detailed, annotated written description for this program available at:

Dave's website:

ALSO: Pterrafractyl and other expert listeners are making a huge contribution, updating the website with information on many subjects that Dave doesn't have time to cover in the programs. Comments Line: comments that come in -- are a major and continuously updated source of information. Only a tiny fraction of this will ever make it into the program--it is simply too voluminous.

1-2 Greg Grandin, “Kissingerism”

From Alternative Radio, 1 (800) 444-1977,

2-3 The Ralph Nader Radio Hour

Ralph’s Harvard Law School classmate and corporate governance expert, Robert A. G. Monks, explains how CEOs enrich themselves at the expense of productive investment. and law professor, Mehrsa Baradaran proposes an alternative to putting your money into the big bad banks “How the Other Half Banks: Exclusion, Exploitation, and the Threat to Democracy.” Email:

Program info:

3-3:30 The Bioneers – Revolution from the Heart of Nature

‘Youth Solutionaries’

Program information: 1 (877) bioneer

3:40-5:55 The Thom Hartmann Program

First They Came For the Native Americans, Next the Jews, Then the Japanese and Now the Muslims...

Article: ""What could terrorist do to us we don't do to ourselves?"" by kpete.

Article: "All Paris Attackers Identified So Far Are European Nationals, According To Top EU Official" by Justin Salhani.

Article: "Paul Ryan: House May Pitch Bill Blocking Syrian Refugees" by Elise Foley, Matt Fuller.

Article: "Paris siege: Two killed, including woman detonating suicide vest".

Article: "Obama: GOP refugee opponents 'scared of widows and orphans'" by Jordan Fabian.

Article: "Christie on refugees: Not even 5-year-old orphans" by Gregory Krieg.

Article: "An email I just got from our Governor. Regarding refugees" (Jay Inslee, Washington) by Tierra_y_Libertad.

Article: "In new shock poll, Sanders has landslides over both Trump and Bush" by Brent Budowsky.

Why Metadata Surveillance Failed To Stop Paris Attacks
- Marcy Wheeler, Empty Wheel

Article: "Metadata Surveillance Didn't Stop the Paris Attacks" by Marcy Wheeler.

Talk Radio News Segment:
- Luke Vargas

Site: "Goats for the old Goat".

Site: Governor Free Don Siegelman.

Article: "TRNS News Notes- 11/18" by Victoria Jones.

Stop making ISIL bigger - they are failures...

Article: "USS Cole bombing" by Wikipedia.

Article: "Osama bin Laden dead: a timeline of missed opportunities" by Andy Bloxham.

Article: "'The Attacks Will Be Spectacular'" by Chris Whipple.

Article: "Study of Disputed Florida Ballots Finds Justices Did Not Cast the Deciding Vote" by Ford Fessenden and John M. Broder, November 12, 2001.

Millennials Weigh In On Terrorism, Paris Attacks and Politics
- Amanda Gutterman, Slant News

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015




12-1 Archival Sound Angela Davis

1-2 ‘From the Vault’ with Mark Torres. Harriet Tubmadocu-drama

2-3 ‘From the Vault’ Encore – Judy Chicago & Buffy Sainte Marie

3-4 Stan Freberg

4-5 ‘From the Vault’ (encore) Archival sound: Studs Terkel (Mark Maxwell)

5-6 The Population Bomb - Dr. Paul Erlich

Tuesday, November 17, 2015



Tuesday, November 17, 2015

12-1:30 don Oscar Miro-Quesada: “The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition”

(An introduction to his series ‘Healing Light’ which begins next week)

For free download of audio and/or transcript:

MUSIC SEGUE: Credence Clearwater Revival, ‘Fortunate Son’ from “Chronicle” CD

1:30-2:30 Guy Finley “Life Is Real Only When You Are”

Part 1 of 8

From Life of Learning Foundation, PO Box 10, Merlin, OR 97532, (541) 476-1200,

OUTRO MUSIC: Va Morrison, ‘Into the Mystic’ from “Moondance” LP

2:30-3:30 From The Vault Radio: Oscar Wilde’s ‘Salome’ Part 1 with Leonard & Susan Nimoy From Pacifica Radio Archives, 1 (800) 735-0230.

3:30-5:55 The Thom Hartmann Program

They're Not Bombing Luxembourg...

Bernie is Right About Paris Attacks & Climate Change

Ohio Corporate Pot Election Far From Settled - Harvey Wasserman, Solartopia

Patriotic Millionaires

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