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Friday, September 21, 2012


12-1 Alan Watts, "Time and the Future" Part 1 of 4

1-2 Shinzen Young, "How Buddha Became a Roman Catholic Saint"  (1990)
From Vipassana Support International, 1 (866) 666-0874.   (for local classes click on 'other programs).

NOTE: SHINZEN IN LOS ANGELES  (1) Sept. 23 Daylong in Santa Monica on 'Impermanence.  (2) Sept. 24-30 residential retreat in Rancho Palos Verdes.  (3) Oct. 6  Daylong in Santa Monica on 'Three Streams, One River'   Info at and click on 'Shinzen's Retreats'  or VSI at 1 (866) 666-0874.

2-3 Jack Gariss, "Jewish Mysticism" Part 2
From Bio-Meditation Society, PO Box 370157, Reseda, CA 91335.  (818) 885-9677.   (free catalog of programs and seminars)

OUTRO MUSIC; Temple, ‘Shalom’ from “Coming Home” CD

INTRO MUSIC: Handel, “Water Music”   Tafelmusik CD

3-4:30 J. Krishnamurti, Ojai 1982, Part 4 of 10 Second Q & A session, May 6.  "Attention has no periphery while concentration has."  "Is there a pure action, free from knowledge or past recollections, free from conditioning?"

OUTRO MUSIC; Handel, ‘Il Pastor Fido’  Tafelmusik CD

4:30-5 X Minus One “Man’s Best Friend”    Old Radio originally broadcast NBC 4/24/57.

5-6 Caroline Casey, "Visionary Activist Show"
With Pat Ewing, political strategist, liberating Christianity scholar that we may  address the dangers and opportunities of this election cycle.
From KPFA.  All info: 1 (888) 741-gods,

OUTRO MUSIC; Judy Collins, ‘Nightingale II’ from “Whales & Nightingales” CD

Thursday, September 20, 2012


12-1 Dave Emory "For the Record #689 - Interview with Sterling and Peggy Seagrave"
Book “Gold Warriors”  

1-2  Glenn Greenwald, "The Surveillance State"

ADDENDUM: Also see 8 minute video on U.S. Govt. surveillance "NSA Whistleblower Tells All" with William Binney    (Thanks to Luanne)

and Thom Hartmann with NSA Whistleblowers Thomas Drake & Kirk Wiebe  12 min. video:

2-4 Eben Rey "Project Next"
Guest Lindsey Williams, “Secrets of the Elite”  (888) 799-6111,   
Email Eben:   Website: 

4-5 Vandana Shiva  'The Seed at the Heart of Freedom and Genetic Engineering's War on Life'

5-6 Selections from The Thom Hartmann Program
Thom Hartmann and  Senator Bernie Sanders,  'Brunch with Bernie,'  How the rich are stealing from the rest of us.  The real Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan.  Keith Olberman’s one minute commentary on Romney’s 47% gaffe.   All info:

OUTRO MUSIC: Judy Collins, ‘Nightingale II’ from “Whales & Nightingales” CD

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Gary Null program info: 1 (646) 926-5422   Gary is on live Mon-Fri9am Pacific time on the Progressive Radio Network -     Gary's archives are free to all at   (The Gary Null shows are now under "G" and the "Progressive Commentary Shows are under "P" and Talkback Shows under "T.")   L.A. Health Support Group info:  Ron  (714) 757-8437 or<>   Listen to Gary on the phone at(832) 280-0066.

12-1 Gary Null Progressive Commentary Hour  09-03-12PCH
The rising poverty epidemic in America  Dr. Dean Baker is co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, DC.  His books include "False Profits: Recovering from the Bubble Energy".  Sasha Abramsky. He is the author several books, including "Breadline USA: The Hidden Scandal of American Hunger and How to Fix It"  and "Inside Obama's Brain."

1-1:05  Janee Taylor, "Dognoir" The "Horse Slaughter Bill."

1:05-2 Gary Null Program  09-04-12
Health Updates: lifestyle diseases on the rise in the developing world; crises can bring people together; don't sleep with the lights on!; antioxidant nutrients for the 'over 40'; plant compounds prevent cancer from spreading; green tea can boost brain, memory.  Commentary: "Life is Sacred" [Chris Hedges 3Sep12]     Commentary: "The Foreclusure Epidemic" [Gary Null, R Gale 4Sep12]  "...The foreclosure rate right now is on course to overtake 2010's high of 2.9 million foreclosures among 3.8 million filed. Combining these two figures, and estimating an average of 4 family members per home, we are looking at a future of 65.6 million new victims entering homelessness or on the verge of homelessness...."  Calls: comments from listeners.

2-3 Gary Null Program  09-05-12
Health Updates: tumeric; chocolate; vitamin D for TB; coconut oil vs tooth decay; keys to longevity.  Commentary: "Top 15 Things Romney and Obama Agree On" [Bruce A. Dixon 29Aug12]  Calls: comments from listeners; Social Security Administration buys ammo.

3-4 Gary Null Program  09-06-12
Health Updates: health & longevity- a series of interlocking pieces; coconut oil; herbal medicine improves quality, quantity of life of COPD patients; million$ spent on meat lobbyists; stress.  Environment: USDA offers biotech industry (like Monsanto) blanket immunity for damaging non-gmo crops;  "Five strange, terrifying consequences of global warming". How is drought tied to increased suicide rates and cows' new candy diet? [Alyssa Figueroa,  27Aug12]  Fluoride- high levels in drinking water harmful to children's neurological development.  Commentary:  "The Liberal Way to Run the World - 'Improve' or We'll Kill You" [John Pilger  4Sep12].  "What is the world's most powerful and violent "ism"? This is liberalism."  In the News: small businesses employ more at a living wage than large corporations; The Fed's 1st audit in 100 years (thank you Ron Paul!)- $16 trillion given in secret bailout loans @ 0% interest 2007-2010.  Calls: comments from listeners.

4-5 Gary Null Talkback  09-09-12TB
Health Updates: cherries- a natural pain reliever; herbs to control Candida; red meat worsens diabetes; being overweight can shorten lifespan by 10 years; berries; pregnenalone for cognitive function.  Email & commentary: why do we resist change?- will society survive what is to come?- do we need to break down in order to break through?

5-6 Gary Null Live
Open phones usually.  First call from Sandra Bell of PRISM (People for Reason in Science and Medicine)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


12-1:30  Karla McLaren, "The Language of Emotions: What Your Feelings Are Trying to Tell You"
Part 5 of 6: ‘The Gifts of Fear - Instincts and Intuition.’  From Sounds True, 1 (800) 333-9185

SEGUE MUSIC: Alicia Lemke, ‘Trip the Light’ by Gary Schyman (single)

1:30-3   Rick Hanson, Ph.D., "The Enlightened Brain: the Neuroscience of Awakening”
Session 6 (conclusion)

FREE LIVE STREAMING VIDEO EVENT: RICK HANSON "The Compassionate Brain"  Begins Oct 8.   Info:

INTRO MUSIC: Leroy Anderson, ‘The Typewriter’ from “Best of Leroy Anderson” CD

3-4 Natalie Goldberg, "The Great Failure: A Bartender, A Monk, and My Unlikely Path to Truth"
Part 3 of 6:  From Sounds True, 1 (800) 333-9185  Natalie's website:

4-5  Three programs over three decades with Zen Poet Gary Snyder from Pacifica Radio Archives (by request)
From Pacifica Radio Archives, 1 (800) 735-0230
4-4:15 "Six Years" written and read by Gary Snyder (October, 1966) Selection from his series of poems about living in Japan. Pacifica Program #BB1934
4:15-4:30 U.C. Art Museum Opening Poetry Reading,  Gary Snyder Pacifica Program #BC0109
4:30-5 "Zen Poet"   (1980's)
Interviewed by Austin Strauss, produced by Pamela Burton.  Pacifica Program #KZ1851.

NOTE:  DID PEMA CHODRON SAVE YOUR LIFE?  YOUR SANITY?  DO YOU HAVE A STORY TO TELL?  For an Anthology to be published, profits to Pema Chodron Foundation. 700-3000 words.  Due by January, 2013.  See

5-6 Pema Chodron, "Coming Closer to Ourselves: Making Everything the Path of Awakening"
Session 4 of 5 ‘Emptiness is Good News: Exploring the Heart Sutra’

OUTRO MUSIC: Wah! 'Heart Sutra' from "Best of Wah! CD