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Friday, November 8, 2013



INTRO MUSIC; Eliza Gilkyson, ‘Love Will Come True’ from “Legends of Rainmaker” CD
SEGUE MUSIC: Enya, ‘If I Could Be Where You Are’ from “Amarantine” CD

12-3:30 Joan Tollifson “Bare Bones Meditation: Waking Up from the Story of My Life”
Originally from Sounds True, 1 (800) 333-9185, (not in current catalog) But it's a book generally available.

SEGUE MUSIC: Judy Collins, ‘Who Knows Where The Time Goes’ from “Amazing Grace” LP

3:30-4:30 Caroline Casey, "Visionary Activist Show"
True Halloween Radio - taking on the dingbat dementors of doom: GMO's-Booo
Caroline welcomes, encore, John Roulac Next steps on GMO labeling Growing hemp in America." Yea! Coconut oil and Chia!<><>
From KPFA. All info: 1 (888) 741-gods,

4-6 Thom Hartmann Program
You might have been fooled by Republicans if...
Issues of the day - attorney Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Our Special Prouty Month -

MUSIC INTRO & SEGUES: Soundtrack from film  “JFK”

12-4 L. Fletcher Prouty “Understanding Special Operations and their Impact on the Vietnam War Era”
Part 1 of 3: "Background"   Interview by David Ratcliff,     Interview/Book/Transcript:

4:00-6 The Thom Hartmann Program
Election news you won't hear from the corporate news media...
Plus, NYC's new mayor wins on taxing the rich - David Selig, Selig Associates 
What the right finds wrong with welfare to work - Patrice Hill, Washington Times
Voting machine irregularities - Brad Friedman, The Brad Blog

OUTRO MUSIC; Judy Collins, ‘Nightingale II’ from “Whales & Nightingales” CD 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


INTRO MUSIC; the Byrds, ‘8 Miles High’ from “Fifth Dimension” CD

12-2:30 Andrew Weil MD, "The Use and Abuse of Beneficial Plants" (1982)
Then published by Dolphin Tapes, Box 71, Big Sur, CA  93920 which I don't think is in business any more)

2:30-2:35 Janee Taylor, "Dognoir" Good and bad news for elephants.

2:35-3:30 Energy Medicine: Subtle energies, Consciousness, and the New Science of Healing"
Part 8: Jerry Wesch Ph.D.  'After the White Crow: Mystical Phenomena and the Scientific Perspective'
From Sounds True, `1 (800) 333-9185, 

3:30-4 X Minus One ‘Honeymoon in Hell’ by Frederic Brown
Old radio originally broadcast December 26, 1956 on NBC

SEGUE MUSIC: Leon Russell, ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ from “Leon Russell and the Shelter People” LP

4-6 Thom Hartmann Program
Net Neutrality - Rich get Super Highways & we'll Get Dirt Roads....
Plus, the birth of the modern Walmart business model
The collapse of our infrastructure - Mark Thornton, Ludwig Von Mises Institute
Why is Marianne Williamson running for Congress - Marianne Williamson, Candidate (D-CA, district 33) 
Plus, Food Stamps are Affordable - Corporate Welfare is Not

OUTRO MUSIC: Judy Collins, ‘Nightingale II’ from “Whales & Nightingales” CD,  

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Bobb Lynes & Barbara Sunday “Don’t Touch That Dial!” Detective Special

12-12:30 Boston Blackie  (8-4-44)

12:30-1 Mr. Keen,  ‘Yellow Talon Murder Case’    (9-22-49)

1-1:30 Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, ‘The Deadly Debt Matter’ (8-28-60)

1:30-2 Nick Carter, Master Detective ‘Case of the Sunken Dollar’  (6-29-47)

2-2:30 Comedy break - Episodes of Baby Snooks

2:30-3 The Fat Man, ‘A Window for Murder’ (10-3-47)


3-4 NBC Theater ‘Manhattan Transfer’ by John Dos Passos  (1-8-50)  Dramatization by Ernest Kinoy. 

4-5 Mercury Theater ‘War of the Worlds’ by H.G. Wells, starring Orson Welles  (10-30-38)  (uncut version)

5-5:30 Radio City Playhouse  ‘Ground Floor Window’ by Ernest Kinoy  (7-10-48)

5:30-6  Radio City Playhouse  ‘Temporarily Purple’ by Ernest Kinoy  (11-29-48)

OUTRO MUSIC; The Mills Brothers, ‘Till Then’ from “Songs That Got Us Through WW II” CD