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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


12-1  Gary Null - Progressive Commentary Hour 02-13-12pch
Panel Discussion on Climate Change

1-2 Gary Null Program 02-15-12
Environment: Fukushima still spewing radiation, dead seals from  radiation poisoning.  Health Updates: soy vs lung cancer risk; vitamin D vs cancer; O3FA  reduces arrhythmia events in diabetes; high antioxidant diet reduces  stroke risk in women. Comments: American’s constitutional rights suspended; hungry America; what if our leaders were pro peace- not pro war.  Robert Neuwirth,  “Shadow Cities: A Billion Squatters and a New Urban World”  and  “Stealth of Nations: The Global Rise of the Informal  Economy” 
2-4 Fundraising specials with Gary Null

4-5  Gary Null Program 02-16-12
Health Updates: broccoli, other sulphur rich foods activate celldetox; cytokimes, chemokines predict rheumatoid arthritis; purple
sweet potato- anticancer components; soy isoflavons increase lung health; red yeast rice better than statins to lower cholesterol;
News: California family ambushed because they legally refused to vaccinate their child; science for sale; NJ anti-fluoridation act; XL
pipeline; Lawful Access Law, Canada: Bill introduced to allow total surveillance on every Canadian citizen; Nazi lunch lady.
Comments: Talk Back to Bill Gates; why genetically engineered seeds don’t work; Issue fo the Day: ‘Five lies personal growth gurus love to tell’ [Mike
Bundrant 10Feb12] Call: NJ’s anti-fluoride bill; News: Fukushima- nuclear safety chief admits safety standards were flawed; Greece is burning- and Europe,
England may soon follow; the Fed.

5-6 Gary Null live.

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