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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WHAT HAPPENED   (The Gary Null shows are now under "G" and the "Progressive Commentary Shows are under "P" and Talkback Shows under "T.")   L.A. Health Support Group info:  Ron  (714) 757-8437 or<>   Listen to Gary on the phone at(832) 280-0066.   Luanne Pennesi, (631) 

12-1 GARY NULL PROGRAM  11-14-12
Health Updates: bees learn new skills; vitamin C; kidney health, O3FAs; did human intelligence peak thousands of years ago?; PQQ. News Updates: Fukushima workers running out of space to store cooling water; Big Pharma tests Oxycontin on 6 year olds to keep its patent from expiring.  E-mails: managing time, relationships; how we can have quality relationships.

Disaster Plan.

1:05-2  GARY NULL PROGRAM  11-15-12
Health Updates: Mushrooms- especially Reishi- have anti-tumor properties; cholesterol lowering statin drugs - 300 adverse effects; safe alternatives to statins; purple cabbage for healthy skin; honest people are healthier, happier.
Commentary: "Tropical Storm Sandy: Natural or Political Disaster?" [James Petras 13Nov12] "What does the world's biggest and most costly 'national security state' have to do with securing the life, livelihood and property of the global financial capital of the world? Virtually nothing!"  Calls: Greta Garbo: where to live; secession.

2-3 GARY NULL PROGRAM  11-16-12
Health Updates: pesticide exposure in childhood; importance of organic; resveratrol & prostate health; deaths from drugs & vaccines & the media puts profits ahead of safety; genetically engineered babies- to prevent disease?; jumping genes & GMOs.  Calls: GMO labeling; NDAA, chem trails; the original 13 colonies were all corporations.

3-3:05 Organic Consumer’s Association Boycott of GMO Traitors 

3:05-4 GARY NULL TALKBACK   11-18-12TB
Health Updates: when do people make essential life changes: anti-oxidant diet, pancreatic cancer; vitamin B-6, breast cancer; saffron, MS; curcumin, diabetes; PQQ.  Calls: shingles; juicing; global warming; lectures & dance parties.

4-5 GARY NULL PROGRAM  11-21-12
Health Updates: vitamin D3 vs MRSA; nutrients for cognitive function; vitamin B6; risky blood test scores when overweight; sugar- politics & health risks; high-normal blood sugar levels, decreased brain volume; green tea , brain health; symptoms of steroid use in teens. Commentary: 'Mr Obama you have a drone problem" [Glenn Greenwald]
Environment: comments on the documentary "Chasing Ice"  Calls: solar flares, Koch brothers' industries.


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