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Friday, June 10, 2016



Friday, June 10, 2016

3-4 Alan Watts, "Thusness" Part 3 of 5

All Info:

4-5 Caroline Casey, "Visionary Activist Show:"

Caroline hosts wizard John Schaeffer, founder and CEO of Real Goods Solar Living Center a gathering place for the wedding of modern ingenuity and ancient technology, dedicated to sustaining the environment, conserving resources and bettering the world. From KPFA. Caroline's Website:

4:30 – 5:55 The Thom Hartmann Program

Clinton, Trump on Foreign Relations
- Professor Stephen Cohen, The Nation/Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives  
Description: Description: Twitter

Book: Bukharin and the Bolshevik Revolution by Stephen Cohen.

Article: "Stalin Resurgent, Again" by Stephen F. Cohen.

Article: "Russia on edge as largest NATO war games since the end of Cold War begin in Poland" (Operation Anakonda) by Thomas Gibbons-Neff.

Article: "Operation Barbarossa" (Nazi Germany invasion of the Soviet Union, 22 June 1941) by Wikipedia.

Article: "Cuban missile crisis" by Wikipedia.

Best of the Rest: Shutting Down the Democratic Convention?
- Chris Hedges, On Contact with Chris Hedges on RT America/TruthDig

/Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt Description: Description: Twitter  Description: Description: Twitter  Description: Description: Twitter 

PLUS, Fukushima is Worse Than a Disaster
- Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear  
Description: Description: Twitter 

Daily Take: If Democrats Don't Start Talking Like Trump On Trade, They WILL Lose...

Thom's Website:

5:55-6 KPFK Community Calendar

KPFK Switchboard has printed copy at hand, 9am-5pm (818) 985-2711.

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