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Tuesday, December 26, 2017


LOGS: "Something's Happening" Old Radio Christmas Night Special
Monday Night, Dec. 25, Midnight to 6am.

12-12:30 Sherlock Holmes 'The Blue Carbuncle' (12-26-48)
with John Stanley

12:30-1 Gunsmoke 'Christmas Story' (12-2-52)

1-2 Lux Radio Theater 'Remember the Night' (12-22-41)
Fred Macmurray and Jean Arthur, Beulah Bondi

2-2:30 The Whistler 'Lie or Consequence' (12-25-44)

2:30-3 Suspense 'Christmas for Carole' (12-21-50)
Dennis Day

SEGUE MUSIC; Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey, 'I'll Be Seeing You' from "Songs That Got Us Through WW II" CD

3-3:30 Jack Benny 'Jack's Christmas Open House'

3:30-4:30 Lux Radio Theater 'The Canterville Ghost' (6-18-45)
Charles Laughton, Margaret O'Brien, Tom Drake

4:30-5:45 Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 'The Nick Shurn Matter' 12-55)
Bob Bailey. (In Memory of Geneva)

5:45-6 "U.N. Special Rapporteur Says Tax Bill Will Make the .S. 'World Champion of Extreme Inequality'" Dec. 19 story.

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