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Wednesday, April 21, 2021




12-1 Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Children's Health Defense

‘TRUTH’ With RFK, Jr. and Dr. Joseph Mercola: The Shadowy Alliance Between Big Pharma and Big Tech. (4/12/21)

CHD Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dr. Joseph Mercola discuss how the narrative perpetuated by Big Pharma and Big Tech — that “vaccines are the only way to restore normalcy” — is leading to the destruction of our Constitutional rights. WEBSITES:

1-2 The Progressive Commentary Hour – 04.14.21

Legal challenges against covid vaccine mandates, death statistics and testing and an ongoing state of emergency

Ana Garner is an attorney who has been practicing law in New Mexico for 40 years. She holds a degree in biology from the University of New Mexico and received a law JD from the University of Mexico’s Law School.. Her group’s website is


2-3 The Gary Null Show – 04.15.21

1. This is why we can’t have nice things. – This video is about stuff: light bulbs, printers, phones and why they aren’t better

2. Millennials in the Workforce, A Generation of Weakness – Simon Sinek: Simon Sinek explains how the millennial generation became so entitled. A combination of failed parenting strategies, technology, impatience and environment have created a wave of young people who can’t hack it in the real world.

Audio Download:

3-4 The Gary Null Show 4.16.21

Dark predictions of one ruling party controlled by corporate interests in America.

Alpha Lipoic Acid vital anti-oxidant. Creatine & muscle regeneration. Musically trained children benefit. Trees prevent disease.

‘’Empathy’’ best speech of all time by Simon Sinek.

Sweet Uncle Billy.

Aldous Huxley and prediction of ‘Soma’ and dictatorial super state in ‘’Brave New World’’.

Open phone calls.

”Audio Download:

4-6 The Thom Hartmann Program Rebroadcast

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